Dmitri Arkhangelski
Composer, Programmer, Radio Amateur

Stalker - a classical ECC82 + 6V6 combination

This amplifier holds its hame in honor of the famous film of Andrei Tarkowski. It has about 2.5W per channel output power and a classical soft distortion, very moderate in case of high sensitive loudspeakers.

The scheme is very simple:


As the first tube I used soviet 6N1P, though its european analog ECC82 can be used too here. Also it may be replaced with 6N14P (ECC84), but note that these tubes have different pinout. V2 could be of 6P6S type or even 6P1P. The output transformers should have inductance of their primary coils more than 10H.

The power supply has two CLC filters to reduce a stereo crosstalk:


You need just 1-2 evenings to build a working model of this amplifier.

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